Universal Biopharma Research Institute

Our services include:

  • Universal Clinical Trials (UCT) offers a diverse selection of research studies that reflect the needs of patient population in our region.
  • Universal Biomedical Research Lab (UBRL) is a leading contract laboratory that provides essential, pre-clinical and non-clinical research, testing services (GLP optional) for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, diagnostic, agricultural and veterinary industries.
  • Universal Education Center (UEC) Is a leader in Vocational training; we strive for the integration of education and job-specific skills. We emphasize on a broader planning that develops/prepares our students for the working world.
  • Universal Creative media lab (UCML) seeks to explore the effects of combining various forms of digital media, and how students can use these to creatively inform their surrounding communities and ultimately change the world around them. We also provide services to businesses for all phases of marketing and creative solution including design, creative/content writing, graphic design, logo/identity design, Photography.
  • Universal Tele-health (UTH) Universal telemedicine provides all services of telemedicine from beginning to end. We include training, hardware and software, along with technical support.

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